FMUL's courses have diversified curricular structures, supported by a teaching staff that includes prestigious academics and national and international specialists, seeking to contribute to students training as well as the development of scientific research, based on dynamic, innovative teaching and learning methodologies in real contexts. Some of our courses are bilingual, in order to attract international students.

The educational offer is, therefore, inserted in FMUL's mission, considering teaching and research in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Health Technologies as the essential principles for the promotion and development of research and science in Health areas.

The growing evolutionary work in Advanced and Lifelong Learning is due to the diversity of the training offer, the creation and diffusion of science, technology, and culture, through a large number of researchers whose projects are increasingly funded and published, without forgetting the contribution of the publications of our national students.

The educational offer benefits from excellent academic, scientific, technical, and laboratory conditions, as a result of its integration in the Lisbon Academic Medicine Center that gathers medicine, science, and hospital experience.

The Lisbon School of Medicine also has autonomous research units, the iMM, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, and the Institute of Environmental Health, where several researchers cross their activities in the hospital or academic areas.

The acquisition of skills by our students is favoured by this teaching strategy, equipping them with the knowledge to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams in the areas of health.