Degree in Nutrition Sciences

To offer consistent training with solid and complete foundations, supported by practice and scientific translational and clinical research.


To train nutritionists through the acquisition of skills in a wide range of areas, channelling their action to safeguard human health.


To convey skills in key areas of expertise: Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition and Public Health, and Collective Food and Catering, but also related to sports, industry and food development, research and teaching.


To contribute to the academic training of nutritionists by means of specific and specialized know-how, through the joint work of the Faculties of Medicine (coordination), Human Kinetics and Pharmacy, which are reference institutions in the field of Health Sciences.


The study cycle was accredited by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (A3ES) on 21 April 2017, registered at the Directorate-General for Higher Education on 24 May 2017 under R/A-Cr 34/2017 and published in the Government’s Official Gazette in Order No. 4843/2018 of 16 May.

Professional Opportunities

The skills acquired will enable training nutritionists of excellence, able to respond to the needs of today's society, qualified to practice in the areas of food and human nutrition, clinical nutrition, community nutrition and public health, collective food and catering, sports, agri-food industry, research, and teaching.

The BNS is based on the Guide of the Nutritionists' Association regarding nutritionists’ academic training in Portugal. Therefore, upon completion of the degree, the recent graduate must, in order to exercise professional activity, obtain recognition from the Nutritionists' Associatio

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T: (+351) 217 999 465

Edifício Egas Moniz, Bloco C, Piso 2
2.ª – 6.ª | 9h-12h – 14h-16h

Fees/ Registration Fee

871,52€ (paid annually in full upon enrolment or in 7 instalments)



Características do par Instituição/Curso

Código: 1507/9554
Grau: Licenciatura - 1º ciclo
Duração: 8 Semestres
ECTS: 240
Tipo de Ensino: Ensino Superior Público Universitário
Concurso: Nacional

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Tipo: Seleção

Grupo A - Comunicação interpessoal (Ausência de deficiência psíquica, sensorial ou motora que interfira gravemente com a capacidade funcional e de comunicação interpessoal a ponto de impedir a aprendizagem própria ou alheia). 

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Provas de Ingresso

02 Biologia e Geologia
07 Física e Química

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Classificações Mínimas 

Prova de Ingresso:100
Nota de Candidatura:140

Fórmula de Cálculo da Nota de Candidatura

50% da classificação final do ensino secundário
50% das provas de ingresso





Nota de Candidatura do Último Colocado




Edifício Egas Moniz, Bloco C, Piso 2

2.ª – 6.ª | 9h-12h – 14h-16h

Phone Number
217 999 465