Research at FMUL

Scientific research is an integral part of medical education. We therefore promote and encourage a scientific culture that will positively influence the quality of clinical practice and the scientific advancement in medicine, which then impact on society.

Believing that the experimentation of scientific research at the early stages of the academic career is fundamental for medical education, we enable young undergraduate students to conduct research projects in units of the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre (CAML) through the Programme “Education through Science”.

Scientific research is carried out at our Structural Units, at the João Lobo Antunes Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM-JLA) and at the Research Centres formally recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). The scientific activity of lecturers, researchers and doctors working in the institutions that make up CAML can be appreciated through the quality and quantity of their scientific output.

Both in terms of scientific activity and pedagogical and clinical activity, the work carried out by our Structural Units is of great importance to fulfil and pursue the mission of the Faculty. The work conducted by lecturers and researchers is recognized internally and externally, a recognition expressed in the various nominations, distinctions and awards given in various areas and strands.

We also highlight the Find the Investigator you are looking for platform, which facilitates and promotes contact between researchers, interns and students, creating a CAML-wide network that strengthens relationships within our scientific community.