Mentoring 2.0

Mentoring 2.0, integrated in Student Support Office (GAE) of Lisbon School of Medicine (FMUL), aims to be a follow-up, interaction and discussion project between a Specific Training Intern or, alternatively, a 'Common Year' Intern, Specialist or Researcher, and a set of students (maximum 3) of the clinical years (4th to 6th years), through the promotion of various actions, as Job Talks, discussion groups that allow us to provide greater insight into certain essential specialties or topics for medical internship, as well as to clarify doubts on these themes.

Project objectives

a) Promote interaction between students from clinical years and Specific Training Interns or, alternatively, a 'Common Year' Intern, Specialist or Researcher;

b) Provide personalized support to students of clinical years, allowing clarification of doubts and greater academic success, with a perspective for the future;

c) Allow broad discussions between mentors and mentored;

d) Promote contact between Alumni, other health professionals or researchers, and FMUL, seeking to establish synergy for future collaborations;

e) Increase FMUL's involvement in accompanying students in more advanced curriculum' years and provide tools for preparing the subsequent stage of their formation;

f) Provide a space to share experiences, exchange ideas and develop new skills;

g) To develop transversal competences associated with professional paths through a complementary experience to academic formation.

You can find the Selection Criteria in the "Documents" area.


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