Bioimaging Technology Center

centro tecnológico de bioimagem

The Bioimaging Technology Center of Lisbon School of Medicine (CTB - FMUL) is part of the Reynaldo dos Santos Technology Center and has high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment (3.0 Tesla), preferably geared towards research in the field of bioimaging.

Main objectives

  • Development of bioimaging research projects;
  • Participation in clinical trials that include imaging studies;
  • Collaboration with the areas of biomedical engineering and biophysics in medical imaging research;
  • Pre- and post-graduate teaching of Imaging at FMUL;
  • Interaction with the scientific community at the University of Lisbon, other teaching and research institutions and with technological business structures in the field of bioimaging.


1. Access to the Bioimaging

Researchers will be able to use the magnetic resonance equipment and must submit the research project


2. How to submit the research project and feasibility analysis.

A summary of the research project must be submitted and the form available online must be filled in with details of the study and the researchers, including budget and timetable. The study and the data will be analyzed by the Bioimaging Center Coordinator, who will give an opinion and approval for the study to be carried out.


3. Exam Scheduling

Exams will be scheduled chronologically on a first-come, first-served basis, after approval by the Bioimaging Center's Coordination Office.


4. Data storage

Data from research studies carried out are the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.

Data from research studies cannot be used for any other purpose.

Data will be managed in accordance with the project submitted.


5. Informed consent and ethics committee

All studies must have prior approval from the Ethics Committee.


​​​​​​​6. Data protection

The operation of the Bioimaging Center in terms of data protection is governed by the Privacy Policy of Lisbon School of Medicine – FMUL.

Completion of the "Informed Consent" document will be mandatory.


​​​​​​​7. Price List

The services provided within the scope of the Bioimaging Center will be charged according to the Price List, which is expected to be revised annually.


​​​​​​​8. Reports

Monthly reports will be drawn up on the activity of the Bioimaging Center, describing the studies, occupancy times and financial management.


In Order 12/2023


Lisbon School of Medicine Bioimaging Center price list

Approved by the Management Board on em 27/03/2023 (order 40/2023)

Magnetic Resonance Value range in €
Cranioencephalic 200 - 1200
Spine (by segment: cervical, dorsal and lumbar) 200 - 400
Neck 200 - 600
Cardiac 250 - 900
Ears 200 - 500
Ears and skull (Hydrops study) 200 - 500
Temporomandibular joint 200 - 400
Musculoskeletal 200 - 600
Abdominal  200 - 600
Genito-urinary 200 - 600



Studies with contrast administration add €50 to the list price;

Studies with administration of hepatobiliary-specific contrast worth 187-300€, also added to the cost of the examination.


Prof. Sofia Reimão 


Clinical Management

Dr. Luís Vítor 

Dr. Leonor Fernandes

Prof. Ana Almeida


Technical Coordination

Technician Fernando Lourenço



Prof. Patrícia Figueiredo (Técnico)

Prof. Doutor Tiago Guerreiro (Faculty of Sciences of UL)

Eng. Nuno Loução (Phillips)


Reynaldo dos Santos Building - 1st Floor

Internal Contact: 48 105

Support: Raquel Rua and Isabel Sousa



Logotipos Financiamentos

Phone Number
+351 210 517 286
+351 927 704 350