Take On


jovens de máscara, a carregar um carro com alimentos e a protestar


Does being indifferent bother you?  

Have you ever thought about how you could be an agent of change in your Faculty or with those around you?

Take On is a good opportunity to promote the difference!

Take On began in the school year 2021-2022, following the Task Force formed in 2021 under the project Transforma Portugal, coordinated by GAE, promoting volunteering initiatives (continuous and occasional), activities focused on environmental sustainability and other campaigns.



To give the FMUL Community the tools to undertake conscious, sustainable actions and to promote its participation in social action initiatives.


- Promote an interest in social and environmental responsibility among the FMUL community.

- Make students aware, through the promotion of different activities, of different resources and innovative forms of action that promote environmental and social well-being by helping the community in which they live. 

Past activities


Take a Look

A rubric that aims to raise awareness on current issues, sustainability, human rights, among others, with special emphasis on practical tips for an active citizenship.


Direitos Humanos em Tempo de Guerra

Human Rights in Times of War

Mutilação Genital Feminina

Female Genital Mutilation

seca meteorologica

Weather Drought


Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion

Pegada Digital

Digital Footprint


Notícias Take On





Instituto de Medicina Preventiva (ao lado do Edifício Egas Moniz)

Entrada de Edifício