Biomedical Research


We offer a multidisciplinary, transversal and integrated Master training from the bench to the bedside grounded on the four major areas of biomedical research:

  1. cell biology and cancer
  2. neurosciences
  3. cardiovascular biology
  4. infection and immunity.

Our methodology stimulates self-learning through teaching in small work groups, with systematic assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The students will have the opportunity to pursue their research projects within the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre environment with top scientists and a vibrant atmosphere, obtaining state-of-the-art biomedical training in our unique setting combining the Hospital, Medical School and Research Institutes, where teams of researchers are working together. The course will be held in English.



1st year 1st semester

Typology of contact hours: T-Theoretical, TP – Theoretical-Practical, S – Seminar

Unidade curricular ( PT/EN)  N.º de ECTS Nº de horas de Contato (aulas)
Principios em Biologia do Cancro/Principles of Cancer Biology 2 TP-14
Princípios de Infecção e Imunidade/ Principles of Infection and Immunity 2 TP-14
Princípios em Biologia/Cardiovascular Principles in Cardiovascular Biology 2 TP-14
Princípios em Neurociências/Principles of Neurociences 2 TP-14
Bioinformática e Análise de Dados/ Bioinformatics and Data Analysis 5 TP-28
Modelos Animais em Investigação Biomédica Animal/ Models in Biomedical Research 8 T-10;PL-55
Técnicas Avançadas em Investigação Biomédica I / Advanced Techniques in Biomedical Research I 9 PL-84


1st year 2nd semester

Unidade curricular ( PT/EN)  N.º de ECTS Nº de horas de Contato (aulas)
Técnicas Avançadas em Investigação Biomédica II/ Advanced Techniques in Biomedical Research II 9 PL-84
Bioética e Comunicação Cientifica/ Bioethics and Science 3 TP-18
Rotação Laboratorial I/ Laboratory Internship I 6 PL-36
Rotação Laboratorial II/ Laboratory Internship II 6 PL-36
Rotação Laboratorial III/ Laboratory Internship III 6 PL-36

Prepare independent, critical, creative, curious, and pioneer researchers with a strong training on the application of the scientific method to pursue a doctoral degree in Biomedicine.

The strategy is based on tutorial and selective teaching in advanced technologies and methodologies and their relevance and application to a set of biomedical problems.

Skills Acquisition

Students will be stimulated to advance learning of critical skills required to enroll in a doctoral program.

  • Technical skills: training through research, imaging, analytical techniques, cell and molecular biology, computational biology, use of animal models, data analysis.
  • Soft skills: scientific drafting, communication, bioethics, management, critical thinking, autonomy, creativity.
Professional Opportunities

Biomedical research in academia or industry, doctoral degree in Biomedicine.

Target Students | vacancies

A first cycle degree or above in any scientific area.

We welcome applications from highly qualified and motivated students of all nationalities.

Two-step evaluation process:

  • Step 1 – Assessment of the CV of applicant and personal statement.
  • Step 2 – Interview (Only selected applicants from Step 1 will be considered for Step 2

Maximum 10 students will be accepted for this Master Course.

Fees/ Registration Fee

The application has a 100€ fee. All tuition fees will be fully supported by iMM – João Lobo Antunes scholarships. 


Other Information

To apply please visit:

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