The Master in Neurosciences aims to provide students with scientific skills to study the Nervous System, respecting a comprehensive perspective, from molecules to cognition, from normal to pathological. Its Faculty includes a large number of professors and researchers who cover a wide range of scientific expertise. The 1st year is intended to qualify student with knowledge allowing to understand the literature and scientific research methodology, both basic and clinical dimensions. This will permit the students to propose a research project in interaction with a supervisor, to be developed during the 2nd year.

3 reasons to choose this program


It allows contact with a large number of professors and researchers who cover a wide range of scientific competencies


It is based on a multidisciplinary approach to the knowledge of the Nervous System


To understand the Nervous System, both in its normal functioning and in disease situations

Educational Plan

In the 1st year, it is intended that the student knows how to interpret the literature and understand the methodology of scientific research in its basic and clinical aspects, in order to propose a research project that will be developed during the 2nd year.


  • Promotion of neurosciences knowledge, following a multidisciplinary and complementary approach, through the application of rigorous scientific methodology, with the contribution of clinical and laboratory research.
  • Study of the nervous system as a whole, taking into account its relationships with the internal and external environment, involving perception, action, behaviour, and  homeostasis
  • Understanding of the nervous system, normal functioning and in disease, as well as the main methods applied for its knowledge and investigation.
  • Training in the scientific research process in subjects related to neuroscience, regarding laboratory, clinical, neurophysiological and computational methods.


Skills acquisition

  • Fundamentals of scientific methodology
  • Knowledge in Neurosciences from a perspective of dynamic integration between disciplines
  • Critical analysis of the literature
  • Formulation of scientific hypotheses and understanding of the procedures necessary to test them
  • Identification of different methodologies used for different areas of research in neurosciences
  • Development of a scientific project including objectives, methodology and research tasks, should be completed in 1 year (2nd year of the Master's).


Professional Opportunities

  • Research career in the field of Experimental Neurosciences or Clinical Neurosciences
  • Academic career
  • Entrepreneurial Career comprehensive  knowledge on Neurosciences research is  an added value


Research Topics

  • Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Autonomic Function
  • Neuropathology and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Cognitive Functions, Aging and Dementia
  • Computational Neuroscience and its relationship with the study of brain functional disorders

Target Students

Graduates or having equivalent degree in the scientific area(s) of this study cycle, in particular Medicine, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biophysics, Biology, Psychology, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Mathematics, and other neurosciences related areas.


Other Information

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