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Clinical Research is the basis of scientific clinical knowledge, playing a key role in the progress and improvement of knowledge and innovation in Health.

Due to its nature, Clinical Research requires substantial ethical and methodological rigor and is currently well defined by the Good Clinical Practices guidelines, as well as by the European legislation on clinical trials transposed to national legislation. To ensure efficacy and quality, the involvement of research teams oriented towards Clinical Research is essential, as well as appropriate infrastructures and multidisciplinary professionals highly specialized in Clinical Research management.

The Lisbon School of Medicine (FMUL) has extensive knowledge and relevant experience in Clinical Research. Through its research centres it is part of several research groups and platforms, thus promoting Clinical Research of excellence.

In this way, the FMUL meets the ideal and necessary conditions for the creation of an education and training program for professionals in this area of knowledge, an innovative Master's Degree in a multidisciplinary context, and an integrated vision of Clinical Research.

The teaching team includes researchers with vast clinical experience and collaborators with a strong component in Clinical Research management, thereby ensuring a solid education for the program's students.

3 reasons to choose this program


Compliance with the ethical and methodological rigor defined by the Good Clinical Practices standard as well as by the national and European legislation regarding clinical trials is ensured


FMUL has extensive knowledge in Clinical Research through its research centers and platforms, relying on a teaching staff composed of researchers with vast clinical experience


It aims to form research teams with multidisciplinary professionals highly specialized in Clinical Research management

Educational Plan

This Master has an innovative program based on a multidisciplinary vision of Clinical Research.

In the 2nd year, the educational plan includes the possibility of a dissertation or internship.


The main objective of the program is to develop and provide specialized scientific and professional skills in developing, conducting, and managing Clinical Research.

General objectives:

  1. Promote in-depth knowledge of the methodology in Clinical Research, with a particular focus on its technical, organizational, and regulatory aspects.
  2. Create skills to plan, implement, conduct and manage clinical studies, as well as to promote the scientific dissemination of results.
  3. To promote the training of professionals in the area of health sciences highly specialized and oriented to Clinical Research, which integrate or intend to integrate research teams or multidisciplinary Clinical Research management teams.
  4. Develop skills for the implementation and supervision of Clinical Research activities.


Skills acquisition

  1. Knowledge of the different methodologies and types of clinical studies within the development of medical drugs or medical devices.
  2. Knowledge of the methods, procedures, ethical and regulatory standards necessary to plan, implement, coordinate and manage clinical studies, and to interpret and disseminate the results.
  3. Skills to integrate research teams or multidisciplinary teams for Clinical Research management.
  4. Tools to participate and/or lead research projects.


Target Students

20 places:

  • general regime: 15
  • international regime: 5

N.B: Holders of BSc/Integrated MSc or legal equivalent in Medicine or other areas of health sciences or related fields (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, among others) may apply to this study cycle (SC). Holders of foreign higher education degree, in the same areas, conferred following a 1st cycle in accordance with the Bologna Process principles or that complies with the objectives of a Bachelor’s degree by the scientific and statutorily competent body are also eligible to apply to this SC. Since the SC contents will mostly be in English and partnerships and seminars will be delivered by foreign guests, good knowledge of English language is also an essential criteria for admission.


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Coordinating Professor / Scientific Committee
Coordinating Professor / Scientific Committee
mulher loura sorri
Francisca Patuleia Figueiras
Coordination Committee



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