Cardiovascular Imaging

The purpose of this course is to develop and provide specialized scientific and professional skills in Cardiovascular Imaging (CVI), which is a cross-cutting area of Cardiovascular Medicine, being essential for the establishment of diagnosis, risk stratification and clinical decision. The explosive technological evolution seen especially in the last decade has led to the need for its knowledge by clinicians/imaging specialists and stimulated interest in clinical, basic and translational research.

The teaching of CVI will cover its fundamentals, methodologies and clinical practice, while also promoting research of excellence in the area. Synergies will be promoted with other ULisboa Organic Units integrating various knowledge.

The course takes place in person, with the possibility of online transmission.
In addition to certification by the University of Lisbon, international certification will be provided.

3 reasons to choose this program


To have a certification by the University of Lisbon and the European Society of Cardiology



To cope with the growing technological evolution, especially in the last decade, which has potentiated a diversification of the means of technology and diagnosis associated with Cardiovascular Medicine


This Master's program is taught in face-to-face classes but has the possibility of online transmission

Educational Plan

This Master's program has a diversified study plan that offers a transversal vision of the different technologies associated to Cardiovascular Medicine.


  • ​​​​Develop and provide specialized scientific and professional skills in Cardiovascular Imaging.
  • To provide in-depth teaching in Cardiovascular Imaging area, to perspective its practice in the clinic, to provide the possibility of innovation through the elaboration of research projects of excellence.
  • Provide certification by the University of Lisbon and also by the European Society of Cardiology

Skills acquisition

  • Obtaining specific training in non-invasive imaging modalities in Cardiovascular Medicine, with respect to the fundamentals and basic physical applications, image formation, acquisition methodologies and computational analysis, clinical information, indications, contraindications, limitations, risks and safety. Role of artificial intelligence.
  • To ensure the acquisition of general skills for integrated VCI in a comprehensive manner in the various aspects and in the perspective of multimodality, with understanding of the concepts of cost-effectiveness of VCI.
  • Provide students with tools for future innovation with implementation of clinical and basic research projects and development of new models of computational analysis and artificial intelligence with application in Human Health.

Target Students


It is intended for graduates or legal equivalent in the scientific area(s) of the study cycle in Medicine or Biomedical Engineering.


Conditions of Admission


Candidates are ranked through curriculum assessment and interview according to the criteria and weighting defined by the Master's Scientific Committee, namely:

Curricular appreciation: 70%, which will include evaluation of the following parameters:

  • Classification obtained in previous degree(s);
  • Motivation and rationale of the application, expressed in the letter of motivation;
  • Professional experience in the area, including work carried out.

Interview: 30%, which will include evaluation of the following parameters:

  • Demonstrated competencies:
  • Adequacy of the candidate's speech to the objectives of the postgraduate course to which he/she is applying;
  • Matching of the candidate's needs and expectations to the potential and limitations of the master's program;
  • The candidate's capacity for empathy and interpersonal relationships in the context of team and multidisciplinary research work;
  • Openness of the candidate to explore related areas in potential integrated projects with other groups dedicated to different themes.


Other Information

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