Operating Theatres Leadership and Perioperative Practice Management
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Leading specialized knowledge

Our journey requires us to keep on moving forward, and at the Lisbon School of Medicine we continue, day after day, to pursue our vision and build the Future. As we we want to consolidate the excellence of our medical education and provide healthcare professionals with innovative means to improve their skills, we create potential synergies and designed a new advanced training course, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, aimed at those seeking to improve their knowledge and have more efficient results, with more quality and safety.

We present to you a new form of developing technical and leadership skills, by offering the first in a series of Masterclass Online Courses, which are part of the brand image of the new Technology Medical Center Lisbon School of Medicine.

Operating Theatres Leadership and Perioperative Practice Management is an innovative course coordinated by Professor Luís Mendes Pedro, from FMUL, and by Professor Carolina Britton, from Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP). It showcases our investment in the quality of excellence in postgraduate training, opening the range of a vast, modern and attractive digital training offer at the Reynaldo dos Santos Technological Centre.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, Professor Fausto J. Pinto, said in a recent interview that it is “a very interesting course, more focused on the surgical part and organization in terms of the operating room, with a view to the development of new skills and leadership, aimed at doctors, but also at other health professionals, particularly in the field of anaesthesiology and surgery, and may also cover other specialties.”

The future of medical education is here, in a new world that fits in just one place!


The programme is available !

Programa completo atualizado


  • Medical and Nursing Students: 1.000,00€
  • Doctors, Nurses and other CAML Health Professionals: 1.250,00€
  • Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals: 1.500,00€


Applications here: medicalcourses@medicina.ulisboa.pt