Catarina Sousa Guerreiro

  • Lecturer
  • Associate Professor
Biographical note

Full associate professor at faculty of medicine of Lisbon University, nutritionist with a specialty in clinical nutrition from the Order of Nutritionists. She has a Master Degree in Clinical Nutrition, followed by a PhD in Nutrition with published work in the fields of nutrigenetics and intestinal diseases.

She is the currently coordinator of the Degree in Nutrition Sciences of this institution and member of the Scientific Committee of the Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition, since 2006 she maintains a intense pedagogical activity with undergraduate students, Masters and PhD in the area of ​​nutrition, but also in the medical field.

Started clinical activity in 2003, and since then keeps an outpatient care activity to the ambulatory patients. From 2015 to 2020 integrated the clinical staff of the Champalimaud Foundation, and currently maintains a clinic activity to the ambulatory patients in Hospital das Torres de Lisboa – Grupo Luz.

 During this period, she collaborated in different research projects, having published several scientific articles in national and international journals. She was a researcher at the nutrition and metabolism unit of iMM, currently belonging to the Environmental Health Institute.

Her areas of interest focus on studying the impact of nutrition on the risk and development of intestinal and rheumatologic diseases. It has sought over the years to acquire continuing education on leading national and international institutions such as the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism and King's College London School of Medicine. Currently she is a member of the General Council of the Order of Nutritionists.