What role do you want to play on the Planet?

duas mãos pintadas com o mapa mundo

In accordance to an government order on energy and water efficiency, FMUL is today starting an awareness campaign among the entire academic community to promote good practices aimed at the sustainability of resources and the planet.

Regarding the lighting of the spaces, there are a set of procedures that should be implemented by the workers and that include turning off the lights during the stop and post-work periods. When you leave, remember to turn off the switch.

On the Institution's part, daily routines will be organized by the security guards and the building maintenance teams who ensure that all unnecessary lighting is turned off.

In terms of air conditioning measures, we highlight four points to take into consideration: regulate the temperatures of the air conditioning systems to an interior temperature of 25 degrees during the summer and 18 degrees in the winter, with the exception of the technical rooms, laboratories and DATA CENTER. You should also keep the windows closed whenever the air conditioning systems are working, as well as turn off the appliances in spaces that are not being used.

However, it is important to reinforce that the spaces are ventilated, when external conditions allow it.

As for the management of water resources, the action aims to raise awareness among employees and occupants of the spaces for the efficient use of water and the correct use of devices.

The resource saving campaign extends to computer, audiovisual and telecommunications equipment. All equipment is asked to be turned off or in standby mode when not in use.

Printing should be reduced to what is strictly necessary, using the means of digitizing processes and using electronic means of communication.

The way we use resources is important for maintaining a sustainable planet. With small steps, we trace a more responsible, more ecological path with a more promising future for all species.