University Clinic of Endocrinology


  • To contribute to pre- and post-graduate education in Endocrinology by promoting high-quality, patient-centered care, including accurate diagnosis, treatment options based on scientific evidence and continuous monitoring.
  • To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Endocrinology through our own projects, collaborative studies and clinical trials.


Objetives of Pre-Graduate Education

Considering that students have acquired knowledge of the anatomy, histology and physiology of the endocrine glands in other Units, the Endocrinology Curricular Unit is geared towards developing clinical knowledge, with the aim of enabling students to:

  1. Know the presentation and natural history of the main endocrine diseases;
  2. Decide on the complementary tests useful for diagnosis and interpret their results;
  3. Know the medical and/or surgical treatment options for endocrine diseases;
  4. Recognize the importance of the multidisciplinary approach in Endocrinology;
  5. Understand endocrine diseases at a molecular level;
  6. Develop communication skills to promote patient self-management of chronic endocrine diseases;

In addition, the aim is to:

  1. Raise awareness of the prevention of the most prevalent endocrine diseases by promoting healthy lifestyles;
  2. Raise awareness of scientific advances and their diagnostic and therapeutic implications;
  3. Foster a commitment to continuous learning in a constantly evolving field such as endocrinology.



The University Endocrinology Clinic carries out translational research projects and participates in clinical trials in close collaboration with the Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Department at CHULN-HSM.


Hospital de Santa Maria - Piso 2

Secretariado: Gonçalo Sanches
Contacto Interno: 44 440