Professor Francisco Antunes talks about coronavirus on TV

virus graphics

Emeritus Professor of Lisbon School of Medicine, and specialist in Infectious Diseases, Francisco Antunes was live in the CMTV  where he talked about the ways of transmission of Covid-19, highlighting some of the most relevant aspects that are still to be clarified, namely, the actual incubation period of the disease and the actual mortality rate of the new coronavirus. He also spoke of other ongoing investigations at a global level related to Covid-19 and the importance that information and education assume in these types of scenarios, reinforcing that “fear and disinformation are the worst vehicles for viral propagation”.

Alarmisms aside, Prof. Francisco Antunes acknowledged that this is a serious situation from the point of view of public health, given that most cases are asymptomatic and the virus goes unnoticed, significantly increasing the risk of spread.

It should be noted that the latest WHO report points to more than 80,000 people infected worldwide and the number of fatalities worldwide has already exceeded 3,000.

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