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On October 16, 18, 30 and 31, we have set aside afternoons for you to learn about pedagogy and how to become the best teacher you can be!


The Solvin' It Project, through its Pedagogical Initiation Workshops, gives you the tools to integrate into the world of teaching and, if you're interested, prepare you to one day be a captivating and motivating teacher whose students never miss a lesson.


This semester, we're bringing you four sessions:


  • Autoscopy (October 16, 4PM-6PM)

"Autoscopy" means "auscultation or examination of oneself". In order to fulfill your role as a monitor, it is essential to adopt a posture of self-observation. In this 2-hour workshop, the word "autoscopy" will not just be a concept, but a practical experience. Come and learn more about yourself and your communication skills in this practical workshop! Sign up by October 13th at 8pm.


  • How to be a good monitor (October 18, 4.30PM-6.30PM)

Have you signed up to be a monitor this year and you're lost and don't know what to do? It's not your first time but you feel you can still improve?

Join Dr. João Borralho for this session on October 18 at 4:30 p.m. and come learn how to be that monitor that everyone admires. Sign up by October 15th at 8pm.


  • How to keep students awake (October 30, 2.30PM-4.30PM)

"Lectures need to change - why and why not?" This will be the motto for a journey through the circadian cycle of students (and teachers) in the classroom. Sometimes you have to be awake to dream". Come and see what Professor Miguel Castanho means by these words on the 30th. Register by October 27 at 8pm.


  • How to give a good presentation (October 31, 2.30PM-4PM)

We all know that there's no good lesson or presentation without a captivating and aesthetically pleasing medium. Come and learn the rules for building good visual support with Ângela Espinha, a designer from FMUL. Sign up by October 27 at 8pm.


So, if you're interested in teaching and want to gain skills, sign up here!

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