National Day of Scientific Culture



Today marks the National Day of Scientific Culture. It was created in 1996 in Portugal, on the day Rómulo de Carvalho was born. He was a professor of Physics and Chemistry and responsible for promoting the teaching of science and scientific culture in Portugal, having written several works in the 50s and 60s, such as "Ciência para Gente Nova" (Science for Young People) and "Cadernos de Iniciação Científica" (Scientific Initiation Notebooks). Rómulo de Carvalho was also a playwright, historian and poet. Some of the texts he wrote are iconic: “Calçada de Carriche” and “Pedra Filosofal” are two examples. As an author of poetry, he signed António Gedeão.

Ongoing events 

The Foundation for Science and Technology will mark the National Day of Scientific Culture with the organization of a session at Teatro Thalia, in Lisbon, starting at 2.30 pm. Entrance to the event is free, subject to registration here and program is already available.

Two new FCT funding programs will be presented at the event - the ERC-Portugal Program and the RESTART Program - as well as the "Impact of Science on Economy and Society" Prize, to be launched by FCT and the Office of Strategy and Studies (GEE).

The opening of the session will feature interventions by the Prime Minister, António Costa; the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato; and the President of the Board of Directors of FCT, Madalena Alves. The President of the European Research Council (ERC), Maria Leptin, and the Minister of Economy and Sea, António Costa Silva, will also close the session.

Image credits: Zineb Mezidi