Exploratory Conferences 2019

October, 23


Carla Gonçalves Pereira

Intelligent Governance


The context of smart governance challenges health professionals and managers to take a disruptive look at the demands of the new health consumer, the ability and response model in care delivery, the continuity imposed by quality of life standards and the sustainability of a community. healthy.

Based on the reflection proposed in the WHO Governance for Health in the 21st Century report on smart governance for health and well-being, we will analyze the five dimensions of the approach to be undertaken in a transformational strategic action. By generating ideas, strategies and actions co-produced and / or leveraged from other experiences, we will spark exploratory thinking for engagement and leadership solutions for smart governance of institutions.

What are Exploratory Conferences?
An initiative of the Institute of Environmental Health of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon that aims to give shape and place to the idea of ​​constituting a laboratory of thought that promotes a genuine disciplinary and heuristic crossing.
Thus, bringing together researchers, teachers and practitioners from different knowledge galaxies, we will seek to explore, in some cases, perhaps to test, in other cases, less conventional and less linear means of grasping and reordering ways and practices of studying and intervening that may be necessary. contribute to an expansion - perhaps a quantum leap, why not? - what we know today about Environmental Health.

How do they work?
These are conference cycles that take place twice a year, once in the spring semester and once in the fall semester. Each of these cycles is dedicated to a theme and will always host an ISAMB member.


20 November
Governance and leadership
Luís Alves Monteiro

18th December
Thriving in Unpredictable Environments: The Role of Self-Leadership
Pedro Marques-Quinteiro



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