5th Meeting of PhD students from the Mind-Brain College of ULisboa|17th Meeting of Biomedical Engineering IST/FMUL



This special joint meeting will be in tribute of Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva, who unfortunately left us in this spring. Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva made relevant contributions to neuroscience, to the scientific policy in Portugal. He was a leading and inspiring person for the creation of the first Biomedical Engineering degree in Portugal, the IST/FMUL degree.All researchers/students that work in the mind or brain fields or biomedical engineer fields (any school of ULisboa) can submit their work. It is an ideal opportunity to find out others that work in complementary fields at ULisboa.

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Besides free communications, the meeting includes lectures by reputed scientists that closely interacted with Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva:

Jean Gotman, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University (mechanisms of generation of epileptic discharges, by combining functional imaging techniques (fMRI) and EEG in a novel non-invasive approach)

Gert Pfurtscheller, Graz University of Technology | TU Graz, Institute for Neuronal Engeneering (human neural system while interacting with and adapting to environments and tasks)

Fabrice Wendling, UMR Inserm - Université de Rennes 1, France (analysis and interpretation of electrophysiological signals recorded in patients with drug-resistant partial epilepsy)

Stiliyan Kalitzin, Foundation Epilepsy Institute in The Netherlands, (closed-loop epileptic seizure control and computational modelling of normal and epileptic brain activity.) He also leads an externally funded program dedicated to automated real-time epileptic seizure detection from video sequences

The meeting will also encompass one Round Table on Technological innovation for Brain Research and Medical Care, and one special Workshop on reciprocal interactions between Biomedical Engineering and Neurosciences.

An Opening Lecture is also planned (speaker to be confirmed).


Sharing science will be absolutely free. You are all invited to share scientific moments and experiences, raise new ideas, and build up a real Mind-Brain atmosphere at ULisboa, this year side by side with Biomedical Engineering!

We hope to see you all there! 

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