What role do you want to play on Earth?

árvore feita de papel

Maintaining the survival of the planet while ensuring the maintenance of the living conditions of the species that inhabit it, is the challenge of the next generations. This is urgent, because for a long time we have been living on the edge.
We need to reverse pollution levels, global warming, and the effect of greenhouse gases. The energy transition is not in full swing and technological innovation still has no answers for tomorrow, and they should have come yesterday.
We are left as isolated individuals, but integrated in a society, to do what we can. These may seem like small gestures, but all in all they make the Difference. This is because all together we spread winds of change.

Did you know that

  • Each eucalyptus used in the manufacture of paper can produce between 20 to 24 thousand 75-gram A4 sheets?
  • Each Portuguese spends more than 100 kg of paper per year?
  • 70% of the paper consumed is recycled, be it graphic paper, office paper, corrugated cardboard for packaging or paper for domestic use?
  • Portugal is the third largest European producer of pulp?