"It is very important to have a link between Science and Politics"


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In an interview to Porto Canal, Professor Fausto Pinto, President of the Council of Portuguese Medical Schools (CEMP), reiterated the importance of further strengthening the connection between those responsible for political decisions in the country and professionals “with experience in the field”, involving the Academy more actively, whose views must be taken into account given its conscious decisions. “It is very important to have a link between Science and Politics and, in the case of a public health situation and a public health emergency in global terms, it is essential that there is a good scientific basis so that political decisions can be made with the greatest possible information", he said in a comment to the last Infarmed meeting.


Fausto Pinto also stressed that the CEMP and the Medical Association have sought to make a positive contribution to the dissemination of information that they consider “to be useful” for the important decision-making of the national political power, adding that the more knowledgeable and experienced voices are heard, the more real the picture of the country's epidemiological situation becomes.


The President of the CEMP has no doubts that credible and independent information “can help to make better decisions”, defending, in addition to “greater investment in some areas”, “more appropriate advice”, in order to make more appropriate decisions.



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