The importance of maintaining affective relationships in times of pandemic.


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Créditos: Diana Tinoco | Revista Visão


In an interview with Visão magazine, Daniel Sampaio, psychiatrist and retired professor of Psychiatry and Mental Health at FMUL, underlines the importance of not confusing contact with strangers, in closed spaces, with our closest relationships (family and friends).

This is an interview where the mental health specialist expresses a set of concerns on several topics: the combination of family life with teleworking and School Online, where individual privacy may be threatened, the transversal relationships between parents, children, teenagers and teachers , the internet and the digital as a weapon against the pandemic.

Daniel Sampaio also highlights the need to work on messages aimed mainly at two age groups. The elderly, since the pandemic came to take away their daily well-being (which was already fragile due to the tendency of isolation) by making it impossible for them to see their grandchildren, and the adolescents who, with the pandemic, saw their needs and conditioned natural impulses. According to the psychiatrist, “As the infection in the youngest is less severe, it is necessary to reestablish, with the greatest possible urgency, their relationships. Let young people reinvent love. ”

Despite the main concerns listed, the Professor assumes a feeling of hope and deep admiration for Health professionals, stating that all of us would gain an advantage over the pandemic, if politicians communicated more with Health professionals, “(…) They need to be more close to health professionals, meeting directly with them. (…) I believe that the Government and President of the Republic could hear more from the academy (especially medical schools), where the center of clinical and epidemiological research is located . ”

You can read the entire interview here .