Immunoallergenology University Clinic


The Immunoallergenology University Clinic has as its fundamental objective the teaching of the Allergology and Clinical Immunology Area, in conjunction with the various Medical Specialties of the 5th Year of the mim clinical cycle. This teaching develops in close connection with the care activity of the Immunoallergenology Service, where it also plays a crucial role in the post-graduate teaching of Interns of Specific Training in Immunoallergenology.



The Clinical Research activity is an important mission of the University Clinic and its professors, including a special collaboration with the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology of FMUL and IMM. Epidemiological, clinical and translational research areas include those related to immunoallergic diseases, with special emphasis on various forms of respiratory allergic, cutaneous, food, drug, anaphylaxis and primary immunodeficiencies. Allergen immunotherapy and induction of tolerance to medicines and food are other areas with very active research

Another area of research that is being pursued for its importance in the postgraduate training of physicians is research focused on patient reported outcomes, including quality of life assessments, particularly with regard to therapeutic areas with biologics and allergen immunotherapy, in which immune modulation is a modifier of the disease and its natural history.


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