The first day | Post-traumatic (personal) Injury Assessment Course

professores na aula magna da FMUL

As part of the 1st Course in the Assessment of Post-Traumatic (Personal) Bodily Injury, the opening ceremony was held, attended by the two course coordinators; Prof. Cristiana Palmela Pereira and Prof. Francisco Salvado, who were present at the opening table and flanked by guests: Dr. Rui Ceia, clinical director of Zurique, Prof. Rui Tato Marinho clinical director of CHULN and accompanying the session via zoom Prof. Francisco Corte Real, President of INMLCF.

Professores em auditório

Everyone stressed the importance of a course that brings academia and civil society closer together, particularly in conflict resolution. In this particular case, we're talking mostly about accidents at work and traffic accidents, which end up bringing together distant realities with different languages, such as medicine and justice, involving doctors, lawyers, judges and police officers. Carlos Farinha, the deputy national director of the Judicial Police, was also in the audience as a guest.

grupo de professores e alunos numa sala

It should be noted that the teams that acquire skills in this area develop Bodily Injury Assessment reports that serve multiple purposes, such as obtaining multi-purpose certificates, certifying disability processes and awarding compensation.

As this is not an easy area, in which the injured party acts suspiciously, most of the time because they are unaware of their rights, the aim is for these professionals to be a facilitating link in this chain and to promote settlement, avoiding the legal process.