Maria José Diógenes

  • Lecturer
  • Associate Professor with "Agregação"
Biographical note

Maria José Diógenes has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, a Master's degree in Neurosciences from Lisbon School of Medicine (FMUL), a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, specialty of Neurosciences, from the FMUL, and she is Agregada (habilitation), from FMUL, in the area of Medicine, Pharmacology specialty. In 2022 she obtained the Portuguese Register of Certified Pharmacologists "European Certified Pharmacologist".
She is Associate Professor with Agregação (habilitation) at the FMUL and Researcher at the João Lobo Antunes Institute of Molecular Medicine of the University
of Lisbon. She is coordinator of a research group that aims to find ways to re-establish the function of neurotrophic factors in Rett syndrome, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease.  She has supervised 6 PhD thesis, 26 MSc thesis and has supervised numerous GAPIC projects at FMUL.
She coordinates several research projects and is the author of several publications including articles in international journals and book chapters.
Winner of the Santa Casa Mantero Belard Award in 2017 and 2021.


(2017-present) Member of the Medicines Evaluation Committee of INFARMED
(2015-2019) Treasurer of the Portuguese Society for Neurosciences
(2019-present) Associate Professor with Agregação of Pharmacology and General Therapeutics
(2021-present) Coordinator of Module IV-II- Introduction to Organic Systems Pathology
(2021-present) Professor of Pharmacology of module IV-II- Introduction to the Pathology of Organic Systems 
(2019-present) Professor of optional Seminars in Neurosciences 
(2021-present) Member of the coordinating committee of the MSc in Clinical Research
(2022-present) Coordinator of the 3rd year of the MIM
(2020-present) Alternate member of the School Council
(2017-2020) Elected member of the Pedagogic Council
(2021-2025) Elected member of the Pedagogical Council. Vice President. 
(2022-present) Member of the Scientific Council
(2020- Present) Jury for Specific Recognition of the MIM Course (2020-2021)
(2022-2025) President of the Portuguese Society of Pharmacology
(2022-2026) Member of EPHAR's Executive


Research Area

Alzheimer's Disease
Rett Syndrome