Are infected people the most resistant to new variants?

Are those who had Covid more protected? The infection produces a broader immune response than vaccines, including against the new variants. The question was answered by Professors Luís Graça and Miguel Prudêncio in an interview to newspaper Expresso.

"Natural infection exposes us to all the proteins in the virus, not just one like the vaccine. This makes the immune system's response more comprehensive. Even those who have a low level of antibodies will be protected by T lymphocytes, a cell protection. In view of this response directed to more viral proteins, the new variants find it more difficult to enter the organism", explains immunologist Luís Graça, Professor at FMUL.

"Surely whoever had Covid has immunity six months later. But nothing is lost in having the vaccine, as long as the susceptible population is protected and the same criterion is followed, starting with the most vulnerable", underlines biochemist Miguel Prudêncio, Professor at FMUL.

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Professor Luís Graça
Professor Miguel Prudêncio