World Depression Day


It is estimated that about 700 thousand Portuguese have depressive symptoms, even if they are not in a serious situation. Along with Ireland, we are the country with the highest prevalence of this disease that still lacks a timely response from the Health Services and generates incomprehension by society.

jovem deprimida na varanda

Depression is a disease with biological and hereditary factors, but economic difficulties also contribute to increase suffering and the times ahead will not be easy.

According to Pedro Morgado, regional coordinator of mental health, speaking to SIC, "it is in people with greater disadvantage that we find more situations of depression and greater difficulty in access to treatment," adding that "in this economic crisis we will have more people at risk and more disadvantaged people at risk of developing depressive conditions.

These people "should be diagnosed in Primary Health Care where we can provide psychotherapeutic treatments, but which are not yet covered nationally, we are working on that", as well as the waiting time for a specialist consultation on the SNS " it also needs to be improved,” explains Pedro Morgado.

On World Day Against Depression, the alert is made to society's role in preventing the disease, which includes creating better employment and living conditions.