Welcome, new students

Faculty Day took place in the morning of Monday, 4 October, at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL). The new students were the main actors and were welcomed at the start of their academic journey..


grupo de estudantes em circulo

grupo de estudantes em circulo


senhores em pé de toga​​​​​​

senhor em pé de toga


The event was attended by: Fausto Pinto, FMUL Professor and Director, João Martins, President of the FMUL Student Association and António Manuel da Cruz Serra, Rector of the University of Lisbon.

As usual, tributes were paid to Professors, Researchers and Technical and Administrative Staff. The 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 merit diplomas and the FMUL/CGD excellence awards for the years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 were given.


auditório faz ovação


In an almost farewell speech  to the current Rector, Fausto Pinto took advantage of the opening of the academic year to praise the Faculty of Medicine's capacity to react to new situations of great impact. “It is a fact that we live in unprecedented times, which made us rethink many things, including a lot of what we had acquired. But these are also the moments that should make us explore new opportunities and find new ways and attitudes. And that is what we have been doing and will continue to do along this joint journey that now begins for all of you”.

Today, the FMUL extends far beyond its campus, having established several cooperation protocols with several affiliated hospitals and health centres for undergraduate education. I thank them all for the collaboration they have given over the years”.

The Director's sharp message about some public standpoints was expressed in the last part of his speech. “One of the great lessons of the pandemic that we are still experiencing was to show how dependent we are on a solid health system and scientific community. Accordingly, it should be clear to policy makers the need for a very substantial strengthening of health and for support to science and medical education. From the outset, it should involve the increase in the budget of the Faculties of Medicine, which is a priority.

However, it is with deep sorrow that we see the authorities taking completely incomprehensible positions, revealing total insensitivity and ignorance about the reality of medical education in Portugal and in the world. The recent public intervention of senior political leaders, completely devaluing what has been the unanimous positions of all structures with responsibility in medical education, i.e., ANEM, OM, and CEMP, insisting on the old cliché of "corporatist blockade", certainly of great populist reach, is a huge smokescreen for those who are not interested in understanding the problems and reality of medical training in Portugal.

With a focus on teaching and the responsibility that he intends to instil in those who start today, Fausto Pinto ended with a direct message to newcomers. “We will continue to fight for quality education and for valuing the medical profession, and not for its trivialization or devaluation, as some seem to want.

It is from now on that everyone, starting with you, has to fight for this valuing. Otherwise, in the near future, the medical act will become a bureaucratic action or a mere commercial transaction. Unfortunately, IT seems to be the objective of many people with great responsibility in the area of Health. Still, they appear to understand little about health, and even less about medicine and its values”.


estudante com traje académico

It was in an emotional speech  that João Martins, President of the AEFML, recalled his arrival at the Faculty. "I put myself in your place, which was mine 5 years ago, and thought about what I would have liked to be told or what would have marked my experience at university in a radical way." He continued, “because I firmly believe that your stay here will be unique, personal and workable depending on the vocation, skills and perseverance of each one of you, starting to be built from the first moment you are seated in these chairs. This path is far from being linear and the difficulties of entering a new world with a more demanding model make this experience challenging and laborious, demanding from you a huge spirit of sacrifice”.


senhor em pé de toga

Finally, the Rector of the University of Lisbon, António da Cruz Serra, told the new students to enjoy the various spaces that the university offers and that this new generation of students, at least one person, wins the Nobel Prize. In his speech, he also mentioned that the construction of the first student residence of the University of Lisbon, with 300 beds, has just started.

He also thanked the FMUL and Fausto Pinto for their support on the measures taken to fight the pandemic and on the organization of all services. And he ended by addressing the new students, “the country awaits you and I expect a Nobel Prize”.


estudantes a receber prémio



Check the ceremony here.