Inês Aguiar de Oliveira Ricardo

  • Researcher
  • Investigador/a Auxiliar
Biographical note

Inês graduated from NOVA Medical School in 2013 and has a postgraduate qualification in Sports Medicine since 2018 from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto. She is currently studying the Master Degree in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, University of Lisbon. She was an invited assistant in the Course Unit Introduction to Clinical Practice at NOVA Medical School (2014-2016) and an invited assistant in the subjects Pathology I and II at the Lisbon Higher School of Health Technology (2015-2018). She is currently a Cardiology intern at the Santa Maria Hospital- Northern Lisbon University Hospital Centre, EPE.


AREAS OF INTERESS: Heart failure and cardiomyopathies, prevention and cardiovascular rehabilitation, sports cardiology, arrhythmology and pacing.