Thanks to those who support this Cause!


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Founded 35 years ago by its current President, Fernando de La Vieter Nobre, AMI (International Medical Assistance Foundation), it has already developed projects in more than 80 different countries.

Accustomed to our intervention in the most acute and troubled moments of today's societies and in the face of human fragility, AMI has always proved to be one of the first to act and put its hand to try to mitigate the damage caused to civil society.

The Lisbon School of Medicine launched a challenge last week, to help the institutions that serve the National Health Service, the NHS, and which is in a state of emergency due to the pandemic invite-19.

Through its Social Responsibility Initiative - the Faculty of Helping, the campaign “Help This Cause Covid-19” was launched.

Professor Fernando de La Vieter Nobre's donation, on behalf of the AMI Board of Directors, was not delayed, reiterating immediate intervention, “we want to contribute to what CHULN-HSM needs in the fight against this common enemy”.

The Lisbon School of Medicine will continue to follow up this campaign, remembering that all donations raised will be duly forwarded to the National Health Service.

On behalf of Dean Fausto J. Pinto, the highest figure representing this School, our thanks to AMI!


You already know help us to help everyone!