Start of the TMJ course

The first Postgraduate Course in TMJ, Arthroscopy and Open Surgery of the Temporomandibular Joint has started. The participants gathered for the first time at the Professor David Ferreira Auditorium in the Egas Moniz Building.

Professor David Ângelo, course director, says about this Postgraduate Programme: “The main objectives of our postgraduate course are to share the best scientific evidence on surgical treatments for the temporomandibular joint and train colleagues in different anatomical surgical approaches. These are very complex surgical techniques, with a very long learning curve. We have colleagues who are going to repeat this course, because they want a more personalized follow-up in certain surgical procedures. One of the advantages of this postgraduate course is that it allows surgeons to mimic different surgical interventions in a controlled environment, under the close supervision of the group of trainers. These are small details that define the success of these interventions, and our academic obligation is to share all our knowledge with the youngest, so that they can, in the future, treat patients in the best possible way. Due to the pandemic, it was necessary to limit the course to 9 participants”.

Homem e mulher numa sala
Sponsor company representative


Dois homens de fato
Dr. David Ângelo and Dr. David Sanz


Várias pessoas numa sala para participar no curso

Várias pessoas numa sala para participar no curso