Side effects of the pandemic on students


“Anxiety, anguish, insomnia: the side effects of the pandemic on students” is the title of an article published in P3 (Público newspaper), which makes us aware of the consequences that the new coronavirus is having on students' lives. Online classes, assignments, study for exams all without leaving the same place. In addition, there is an increase in the number of hours in some situations.

This article stems from a study promoted by Hospital Júlio de Matos on depressive symptoms generated in part by isolation, “students over 18 are one of the groups in which social isolation measures may be having a greater impact, aggravating symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia ”. After applying online surveys, experts consider their results “surprising”, making it necessary for educational institutions to develop “a mental health plan”.

Among the various reports present in this article, we can read Ana, a 2nd year student at FMUL.

It is essential to create strategies to face this situation of "psychological discomfort".

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