REC- Home Rehabilitation


The CHULN / FMUL-UL Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programme has been responding over many years to many cardiovascular patients after acute events, from the initial period and extending over the long term.

Following the rules of social isolation, it was necessary to interrupt this program (at Hospital Pulido Valente and at Estádio Universitário-CRECUL) so as not to put participants and the rehabilitation team at risk.

We decided, thinking about the time of COVID-19, already anticipating possible crises requiring physical distance, and still going to patients who cannot travel to this center regularly because they live far away, to build a cardiovascular rehabilitation program at a distance:


REC - Home Rehabilitation


For this purpose, we created on the CHULN Platform, section of the Heart and Vasos Department, a page where the in-person program can be viewed, and where the program is announced at home, as well as the entire multidisciplinary team and contacts for interested patients. Here, you will also find cardiovascular health information, which will be renewed, for patients, health personnel and the general public, and it is now possible to view Recommendations for cardiac patients related to COVID-19.

Only for patients on a program, we establish a link by link where weekly we will put exercise videos with different levels of intensity, according to risk and functional capacity, presentations on health topics that are part of the usual hospital program, recipes and advice food.

In this program, which has already started with a cardiac telephone and email assessment, with weekly telephone monitoring by nurses and exercise physiologists, patients will also have the possibility to make telephone consultations with cardiology, nutrition and psychology with their respective specialists.

With the Cardiac Rehabilitation team our patients are never alone.

We want you to continue to feel that you can always against us!

See the video of this Program, here:

Program Coordination: Profª. Drª. Ana Abreu; Direction of the Cardiology Service: Prof. Dr. Fausto Pinto