Professor Fausto J. Pinto is not surprised by the worsening numbers in the Pandemic

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FMUL Director Fausto J. Pinto spoke on Rádio Renascença  about the worsening of Covid-19 numbers last week in Portugal, showing no surprise about the consequences of the slowdown in the measures during the Christmas season, and reinforced the importance of the Vaccine for Covid-19. “The result is bad and it will get worse, I have no doubt. If we have 10,000 infected people a day for three or four days, the maths don't fail here. We will have a very complicated pressure in the near future”, he said.

Very concerned about the pressure on Hospitals, the Cardiologist also mentioned “(…) when there is some relief from some type of measures which, unfortunately, are those that show some result, this has consequences. What we are seeing now is sad, it is unfortunate, but it is not unexpected for us who follow this very carefully”, he said.