Prof. Miguel Castanho analyzes the pandemic situation in Portugal

Professor Miguel Castanho was invited by SIC to comment on the news that accounts for the new record of the pandemic in national territory, with emphasis on the more than 60 thousand infected that registered this last weekend, in which the highest number was reached new (daily) cases of covid-19 from the last four months.

In the opinion of Miguel Castanho, principal investigator at iMM, the explanation for the increase in contagion may lie in the “mobility at the end of holidays, beginning of the new cycle”, denoting that “this increase in the number of cases is a trend that is being check in several countries and, therefore, there is a collective dynamic in which people travel between countries and contact each other ”.

The return to school combined with the resumption of the usual commuting to work that many portuguese saw suspended by the pandemic are responsible for the intensification of the mobility of populations, in a society now more exposed to the virus. “We may be talking, eventually, about the beginning of a second wave, but in the sense that a phase resumes in which there are a large number of daily cases”, emphasizes the Professor in an interview.

people walking on the street

At a time when the country has more than 15 thousand active cases, “we should be very attentive to black spots”, stressed Miguel Castanho, referring to the identification of the most problematic sectors of activity in the context of the current pandemic, in order “to think about a plan very well taken care of ” to be implemented in public transport, restaurants or in any other area that is essential.

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