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The objective is the presentation and discussion of research projects by ISAMB PhD students with the scientific community.

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Invited Speaker


Professora Margarida Gaspar de Matos, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana da ULisboa



The Annual Meeting of the Doctoral Program EnviHealth&Co of ISAMB (Instituto de Saúde Ambiental) is an event organized by students, the Directive Committee of the program and the Advanced Training team.

During this meeting students will have the opportunity to present their research project to the academic community of Faculdade de Medicina from Universidade de Lisboa.

Being an FCT PhD Program in an Industry setting, national and international companies will be represented and discuss the importance of participating in such initiative.

The aim of this event is to disclose students projects within a scientific discussion, as well as to talk over the present state of environmental health​ in Portugal and worldwide.


The Annual Meeting of the Doctoral Students of CAML (Lisbon Academic Center of Medicine) is an event organized in full by the students (with the support of the Advanced Training team).

It is during this meeting that students present their research work to the CAML's scientific community. 1st year students present their project in a short oral presentation (4 minutes), while 4th year students present their results in a longer oral communication (15 minutes). 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade students (or older) present their work in poster format. In addition, this event includes seminars from internationally recognized scientists.

The purpose of this meeting is to foster scientific discussion on the work of the CAML PhD students, by encouraging the enrollment of all PhD students and the participation of the entire CAML scientific community.


The Annual Student Meeting of PhD Program in Integrated Neuroscience (NeurULisboa) is the opportunity for students to present their research work orally.

The purpose of this meeting is to foster scientific discussion about students' work and also to promote interaction between the various NeurULisboa actors.

Available to CAML students only, email: