Our Look across COVID-19 Pandemic


Almost two months have passed since our first major debate about the still epidemic that was at the center of the concerns of the World Health Organization. The new coronavirus, which appeared in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, had killed more than 4000 people to date. people around the world, putting political leaders, health officials and large parts of the population on alert. Portugal registered a significant number of cases and suspected infection with the new coronavirus, while the situation in Italy and Spain became alarming with the escalation of cases to an unprecedented level. The care was narrowed, the suspension and even the closure of schools and colleges were seen when everyone was wondering about this new virus and how we should face the reality that was becoming more and more disturbing.

At that time, we wondered if we were facing an eventual pandemic. The time was quick in it's response. It confirmed the scenario that many anticipated, but not everyone expected as so Dantesque. Indeed we are, heading towards the pandemic with the exponential growth of cases that have multiplied all over the world in an overwhelming way.

From China to Europe, the new coronavirus has hit hard across the Atlantic and the African continent. The number of cases of infection by Covid-19 multiplied, a name shared by Science and adopted by everyone in a daily routine guided by social distance, where measures to contain the spread of the pandemic outbreak prevail.

There are already more than 2 million cases of Covid-19 worldwide. In Portugal, there are more than 20 thousand cases of infection, more than 700 deaths and more than 600 recovered patients, with a fatality rate in the order of 3%, lower than many European countries.

While experts and governments from around the world spread scientific knowledge and continue to search for answers that will lead to victorious battles in this war with no end in sight, we provide access to what is, at the moment, one of our safest weapons: information. Retained in absolute quarantine, we listened to the reflections of the most knowledgeable, reinvented ourselves and created solutions. The information reproduces as much or more quickly than the virus, so we have gathered all the news about Covid-19 here. Consult the new page, where it is possible to access the constant participation of our team of Professors and Researchers in clarifying public opinion in the various media.