"Health and Economy have to work together to achieve good results"

Professor Fausto Pinto was invited to comment on the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal on TVI 24, in an analysis in which he appealed to the awareness of the present moment, in which “very real, concrete and objective monitoring of the situation” is essential, emphasizing the importance of assertiveness in communicating the measures to be implemented in the future, in order to guarantee compliance by the population.

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In an interview, Fausto Pinto reiterated that "there are general measures that should be applied in any way, regardless of the epidemiological situation, as long as we do not have a more definitive solution to this problem", referring to the use of masks, social and respiratory label, as well as the fact that gatherings are avoided.

In the opinion of the President of CEMP (Portuguese Medical Schools Council), effective monitoring of the pandemic situation in Portugal will be decisive for the decision to apply more severe measures, justifying any restrictions that may prove necessary in certain places. “For different situations, different measures often have to be applied”.

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man talking to camera


Fausto Pinto considers that the confinement was a measure that, despite being "severe", was successful in the "first wave", allowing "to save tens of thousands of lives". He added that the epidemiological situation in Portugal “is not excellent, but it is very reasonable when compared to others in Europe or elsewhere”, alerting, however, to the importance of “not letting your guard down” in this “a moment of being very attentive ”, in addition to being“ very pedagogical, assertive and pragmatic ”.

On the possibility of a second wave and what to expect in the future with the evolution of the pandemic, with regard to the resumption of economic activities and the return of populations to the routines interrupted by Covid-19, Professor Fausto Pinto believes that “it is essential that children go back to school "and clarifies that" public health measures must be in conjunction with economic measures ", and there should be no opposition or inconsistency between them, since" both must be working in the same direction ”. “It is the achievement of good results in public health that will improve the economy”, he assured, explaining that “Health and Economy have to be together and work together to achieve good results”.

two men talking to camera

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