"The exercise of Leadership in the naval environment"

On 19 April, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon received Vice Admiral Silvestre Correia to conduct a conference on "The exercise of Leadership in the naval environment", where he has been working for 30 years.

In this conference that opened the Operating Theatres Leadership and Perioperative Practice Management course,  the aim was to present a model of military leadership, specifically through the example of the commander of a warship.

To help understand this reality and illustrate the evolutionary process of the last centuries in terms of leadership, the speaker made a brief historical retrospective, up to the present day, about what has been most relevant in terms of the new aspects and elements of a social and educational nature, which he believes have contributed to the transformation of leadership in the naval environment.

Although the concepts that generically shape leadership have several common denominators, whatever the environments in which it is exercised, the case of a commander of a warship has unique peculiarities. But there are others he believes are comparable with certain situations in a medical-hospital environment. He identified some parallels and as an objective interpretation of the applicability of the concepts that we have about leadership, he explained the factors surrounding the decision making process of the leader, which include, among others: education, training, the external environment, the internal environment, risk analysis, fatigue and stress management, expectations management, recognition, and the organizational model. After talking about leadership, he talked about the “leader”  and the characteristics he must possess and cultivate, so that the final product of the team he leads, in an adverse environment, represents more than the sum of individual capacities of the people that compose it. In addition to people's skills, the quality of leadership can act as a catalyst or an additional motivating factor that makes a difference, whatever the nature of the situation or mission.

The presentation was followed by a period of approximately 30 minutes when the speaker had the opportunity to deepen some ideas and answer questions from the audience.

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