Specialization courses


Scientific research is one of the most important objectives for the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre (CAML).

Of its three areas - assistance, teaching and research - it is in this last activity that an institution like CAML must assert itself as a centre of excellence, both nationally and internationally.

In this context, clinical research acquires an increased importance, since it allows transforming and advancing knowledge, making it operational, thus improving the quality of care.

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The study programme consists of an academic, interdisciplinary and translational year that includes: Molecular Biology and Gene Expression, Introduction to Research, Biostatistics, Ethics and Scientific Integrity, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, Developmental Biology, Genetic Susceptibility in Cancer, Signal Transduction Pathways, Cancer Diagnosis: correspondences between clinical data and molecular data, Oncobiology, discovery and development of new drugs in Oncology, Oncoimmunology, Clinical Trials, Pharmacoeconomics in the treatment of Cancer, Radiobiology, Surgical principles in Cancer (...)


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