An Espaço (S) where you can be yourself

cartaz espaço S


We begin another academic year that is expected to be full of challenges, at different levels.

The last few years have been particularly challenging for the academic community as a whole and, in particular, for students, especially with regard to psychological health issues.

Psychological well-being is vital for our students to be successful academically and develop their potential.

In this sense, it has been a concern of the Student Support Office (GAE), in its projects, to implement measures to promote psychological health and well-being, directly or indirectly. One of the projects that has this purpose is Espaço S, where students can obtain psychological support, for example, in situations of emotional management difficulty (e.g., cases when anxiety paralyzes and undermines their own performance); or of difficulties in interpersonal relationships, which make teamwork more difficult, among so many other situations/reasons.

Unfortunately, there are still many barriers that stand in the way of seeking psychological help, which is why it is imperative to talk openly about psychological health issues and be facilitating agents in this quest for help.