Early diagnosis and intervention of allergic diseases


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Manuel Branco Ferreira, President of the Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC) and Professor at Lisbon School of Medicine gave an interview to Jornal Médico, where he addresses the relevance of early diagnosis and intervention of allergic diseases.

In a retrospective analysis, during the period of confinement, the immunoallergologist does not deny the decrease in face-to-face medical assistance, similarly to other specialties, however, he guarantees that there was a constant concern in ensuring teleconsultations, especially with critically ill patients who required more side dish.

When asked about the impact of protective measures against COVID-19 on the worsening of allergic diseases, he states that, in fact, patients with cutaneous xerosis and atopic dermatitis are the ones who may suffer the greatest worsening of symptoms, due to excessive hand hygiene. However, with regard to the use of the mask, see this measure as a good practice as it can reduce the amount of allergens inhaled.

In his opinion, some of the strengths of this pandemic were the rapid evolution in the implementation of home therapies with biologicals, and the adaptation of teaching to the digital world, even though clinical care practice has been compromised.

You can see the full interview in portguese here .