"Does the only Portuguese scientist to win a Nobel Prize deserve the honour to be at the Pantheon?"


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Image Credits: Público Newspaper


The discussion was started by the Socialist Party, which recommends conferring National Pantheon honours to Egas Moniz, a neurologist who was the first and only Portuguese to receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1949, for “discovering the therapeutic value of leukotomy in some psychoses”.

The news, advanced by Público, highlights that "The Portuguese collective memory of this scientist is marked by his invention of the lobotomy technique, but it is also much more than that".

Indeed, the technique is inseparable from the mind that originated it and Egas Moniz left a strong legacy, having been responsible for the invention of a “revolutionary technique capable of making visible areas of the brain, but also of a controversial surgery, which involved destroying the connections between neurons in the brain”.

Egas Moniz, who played an important role in the medical education of our institution, became known worldwide for having developed cerebral angiography and prefrontal leukotomy, becoming an indispensable figure in Science and Medicine worldwide, also standing out for having a career in national politics.

xposição sobre a técnica da Angiografia no Museu Egas Moniz, na Universidade de Lisboa DAVID CLIFFORD - PÚBLICO ARQUIVO
Exhibition on the Angiography technique at the Egas Moniz Museum, University of Lisbon - Image credits: David Clifford (Newspaper Público’s Archive).


 According to Público, “The Socialist Party’s project involves hearing “all political parties, the Estarreja Town Hall [municipality where the Egas Moniz house-museum is located], the Avanca Parish Council, the scientific and civil community, as well as the family of Egas Moniz”. The idea "does not presuppose the transfer of the body, buried in the cemetery of Avanca beside his wife, according to his will", stress the members of the Socialist Party.

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