CEMP's President reinforces that visors do not replace masks

doctor with white coat

The Council of Portuguese Medical Schools (CEMP) and the Portuguese Medical Association warn of the risk of using visors exclusively, as a direct alternative to masks, explaining that the visors serve essentially to protect the eye area. Unlike masks, visors do not provide interpersonal protection in the transmission of the new coronavirus.

Thus, and after the recent communiqué addressed to the government to change the current legislation on the subject, Fausto J. Pinto explains to the Observer the limitations of the visors as an “isolated” combat measure against Covid-19, showing himself “surprised” with what he understood, initially, to be “an eventual error in making the decree”. "And in that sense we try to clarify".

The President of CEMP reiterates that, at this moment, "the recommendation should go in the direction of the masks", arguing that the visors should be "complementary or used in very exceptional situations, in isolation". "The masks provide a level of protection that is proven and is far superior".

The degree of protection provided by both equipment is very different, so ideally masks and visors should be seen as complementary measures, but independent in combating the spread of the new coronavirus, reinforcing the already known containment policies, such as social distance and frequent hand hygiene.