“Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death”

What if we talk to you in numbers?


What if we talk to you in numbers?

55% of the Portuguese population, aged between 18 and 79, has two or more risk factors.

400,000 Portuguese suffer from heart failure, one of the main causes of hospitalization. One in 25 people does not survive the first hospitalization.

12,000 Portuguese, every year, are victims of cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), according to the Directorate-General for Health.

In Portugal, health problems related to the cardiovascular system are responsible for the death of about 35 thousand people a year. Fausto Pinto, Professor and Director of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMUL), confirms these data to the newspaper Expresso.

"Infection with the coronavirus had direct consequences on cardiovascular diseases, resulting from the viral infection, and indirect ones, arising from the fact that there was a partial decrease in effective care", says the President of the World Heart Federation.

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