Vera Neves

  • Lecturer
  • Invited Assistant Professor
Biographical note

Vera Neves holds a PhD degree in Bionanotechnology, obtained at Surrey University as part of a Marie Curie fellowship. She is currently Staff Scientist at iMM and an invited assistant professor at Faculty of medicine from Lisbon University. Dra Neves teaches biochemistry and she has given seminars in PhD programs, Master Programs from University of Lisbon.  She has supervised several students, five students have completed their masters and three students have completed PhD. She has lived 6 years abroad, working in both in industrial (Biopeptides Corp., USA) and academic (University of Surrey, UK) environments. She has 35 publications in international peer reviewed journals, with over 900 citations (h-index of 16, data from web of science) and she presented her work in several international meetings. Her funded projects are a result of different collaborations with different groups, including groups in Portugal, Spain, Hungary and USA.


Invited Assistant Professor at FMUL
Staff Scientist at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM-JLA). 


Research Area

My main research interest is the development of drug delivery strategies to central nervous system (CNS), in particular the design of blood-brain barrier peptide shuttles (BBBpS) that can transport therapeutic molecules in and out of the brain. There are many CNS diseases without effective treatments, such as Alzeimer’s disease (AD) and brain cancer. In the lab we are trying to find strategies to efficient diagnose AD in early stages; and treat brain metastases from breast cancer using modified monoclonal antibodies for increased brain penetration.