Jorge Arsénio Ruivo

  • Lecturer
  • Invited Assistant Professor
Biographical note

Jorge has been Invited Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Lisbon School of Medicine, University of Lisbon, since 2016, and a Guest Professor in the Master Degree in Exercise and Well-Being at Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, since 2009. He has been a researcher at the Cardiovascular Centre of the University of Lisbon (CCUL) since 2014. He is a member of the scientific committee of the National Programme for the Promotion of Physical Activity of the Directorate-General of Health. He is also a member of the committee to combat physical inactivity at ECOSEP, Europe. He participates in the Editorial Board and analyses the Sports Medicine Journal inForma. He reviews articles for the Games for Health Journal, the Factores de Risco Journal, BMC Geriatrics and the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention Journal.
Jorge graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, University of Lisbon, in 2004. He did his specific training in Internal Medicine at Santa Maria Hospital - CHULN, EPE, Lisbon, Portugal, where he worked as a hospital assistant in internal medicine until 2019.
Jorge has a postgraduate qualification in Sports Medicine since 2007 from the Portuguese Society of Sports Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon. He obtained a Master Degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation in 2015 from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. In 2018, he completed his Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at University College London with doctoral grants from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Foundation for Science and Technology.


2019-present - Assistant Professor at Medicine I (undergraduates), Faculdade Medicina Lisboa 2019-present
2019-present - Clinical teaching reform committee, Faculdade Medicina Lisboa
2019-present - Invited lecturer at Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation MSc (postgraduates), Faculdade Medicina Lisboa
2008-present - Coordination of Advanced Exercise Medicine Programme, Clínica das Conchas

2016-2019 - Invited lecturer at Medicine I (undergraduates), Faculdade Medicina Lisboa
2016-2017 - Invited lecturer at Cardiac Rehabilitation post-graduation, Escola Superior de Saúde Egas Moniz
2009-2019 - Invited lecturer at Exercise and Wellbeing MSc degree, Faculdade Desporto da Universidade Lusófona
2000-2001 - Neuro-anatomy undergraduate lecturing assistant, Faculdade Medicina Lisboa
1999-2005 - Anatomy discipline undergraduate lecturing assistant, Faculdade Medicina Lisboa


Research Area

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
Angiogenesis and endothelium precursor cells