Cecília Gomes

Cecília Gomes

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Nota biográfica

Dietitian since 2001, is graduated in Dietetics from Lisbon School of Health Technology (ESTeSL). Later, in 2018, concluded her master's degree in Food Safety and Quality in Catering, from Estoril’s Hospitality and Tourism School (ESHTE), with her thesis "Knowledge, attitudes and practices of hygiene and food safety. A case study: health professionals from a university Hospital".

It is certified in Good Clinical Practice and is post-graduated in "Monitoring in Clinical trials”, by the Lusófona University (2019). 

In 2001 began functions in the service of Dietetics and Nutrition (SDN) of Santa Maria University Hospital (CHULN, EPE), assuming, in 2010, Sub-coordination and Quality Management functions. 

Since March 2019, joins the team of Cardiovascular Research Support Department (GAIC), as GAIC Chief Coordinator, a department of theAssociation for Research and Development of the Faculty of Medicine based at the Lisbon Academic Medical Centre (CAML).