Ana Salomé Veiga

  • Lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
Biographical note

Ana Salomé Veiga graduated in Biochemistry in 2003 and obtained a PhD degree in Molecular Biophysics in 2008 (University of Lisbon, Portugal). In 2009, she was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship and started her postdoctoral research at the University of Delaware (USA), moving later to the National Cancer Institute (NCI, NIH, USA). Ana Salomé Veiga returned to the University of Lisbon and received a FCT Investigator Grant in 2013 to work at the Faculty of Medicine where she was later appointed as a lecturer. Ana Salomé Veiga research is focused on the discovery, study and development of bioactive peptides and their mode of action at the molecular level. She is particularly interested in peptides that are active against bacteria in the planktonic and biofilm forms, as well as peptides with activity against HIV and other viruses such as measles, Zika, Dengue and SARS-CoV-2.


Assistant Professor


Research Area

Physical biochemistry
Development of bioactive peptides