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Prof Richard Fuller
Director, Medical Education Programmes, Leeds Institute of Medical Education, UK


Summary Biographic information

Richard Fuller is a Consultant Geriatrician/ Stroke Physician and Director of Medical Education Programmes at Leeds Institute of Medical Education. He is responsible for directing the MBChB degree programme, generating exciting new initiatives in curriculum design, mobile technology, assessment and personalised learning.

His main research interests focus on assessment, and he leads the Institute’s Assessment Research Group.  His current research focuses on the ‘personalisation’ of assessment, to support individual learner journeys.  This is underpinned by work from the Group focusing on the application of intelligent assessment design in campus and workplace based assessment formats, assessor behaviours, mobile technology delivered assessment and the impact of sequential testing methodologies.

He publishes and speaks regularly at leading international medical education conferences and is a faculty member at a number of leading global assessment courses.  He holds a number of national/UK advisory roles, including acting as an assessment expert for the General Medical Council – and undertakes a range of advisory and developmental work in relation to curriculum, senior faculty development and assessment for a number of international institutions.


‘Knowledge testing at your fingertips’

A Workshop to better design MCQs

Knowledge is the cornerstone of clinical competency and effective assessment of students’ knowledge is a core part of medical schools’ assessment strategies.  This highly interactive workshop will begin with focus on the essential skills of good item writing using Single Best Answer (SBA) formats and constructing and reviewing authentic SBAs to test clinical practice.  The second part of this workshop will use a Masterclass approach to current best practice in writing ‘difficult’ test items, analysing quality and interpreting item level psychometrics, concluding with an overview of future approaches to knowledge testing including very short answer formats, adaptive and open book methods.


Morning session:

Essentials of Knowledge Testing – writing and reviewing good quality SBA items


Afternoon session:

Knowledge Test Masterclass – developing SBAs by the introduction of media and clinical material, reviewing and improving SBA items in ‘difficult’ areas of practice (participants will be expected to submit draft questions for discussion and development), interpreting item level quality metrics and overview of future testing

A elaboração de um Teste de Escolha Múltipla é uma tarefa extremamente difícil, muitas vezes com resultados imprevisíveis. Sabendo da dificuldade da elaboração técnica das questões para que um teste desta natureza seja válido, fiável e exequível achou o DEM que seria útil organizar um workshop convidando um perito mundial com grande experiência nesta área, nomeadamente o Prof. Richard Fuller da University of Leeds.

Vimos deste modo convida-lo a estar presente  no ‘Workshop on MCQ design – Knowledge testing at your fingertips’

A simple guide to item level post-hoc analysis will enable faculty to ‘diagnose’ whether items have performed successfully in an assessment and explore ‘treatments’ to understand and enhance poorly performing items.  The workshop will finish with a brief future gaze on emerging test formats such as adaptive test, very short answer questions and open book formats.

O workshop vai ter lugar no dia 16 de Novembro (quinta-feira) no Anfiteatro Cid dos Santos das 10.00 às 16.30 horas.

Se for do seu interesse, por favor inscreva-se assim que possível enviando um e-mail para o DEM (dem@medicina.ulisboa.pt)  dado que as inscrições são limitadas a 30 participantes.

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